Mill Piece Gardens

Mill Piece Gardens


A local market garden
in the heart of Warwickshire

Mill Piece Gardens : Market Garden Warwickshire

Mill Piece Gardens was founded in 2017. It is named after the field it is on: "Mill Piece", which once belonged to the nearby water mill on the banks of the Avon. Sadly, the mill burnt down under mysterious circumstances many years ago.

Although we use polytunnels to lengthen the growing season for certain produce, we work hard to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, including using the no-dig method which prevents carbon loss from the soil.

We use ecological methods to grow, which means no pesticides, no herbicides and no artificial fertilisers - we are grateful for what nature offers and work in harmony with wildlife, creating a balanced environment so that pests are controlled by natural predators.

Tasty - we focus on seasonality, ecological growing practices and the selection of appropriate varieties. As a result our produce is very tasty.

Fresh - we only deliver locally to allow picking and delivery on the same day (weather permitting!). Our produce is pure freshness!

Mixed leaf salad is one of our main crops, the composition varies according to the season and our blend always offers a broad range of flavours and colours. A winter blend could include Batavian lettuce, endive, lamb lettuce, pak choi, land cress, mustards, salad rocket, chervil, parsley. A summer blend would include a wider selection of tender and crispy lettuces, chicory, spinach, wild rocket, chervil, basil, pea shoots.

We also grow vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and soft fruit.

We supply local pubs and restaurants. As we have a creative approach and like trying new species and varieties, we are keen to work with local chefs to bring out the best in our produce.